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Ann Yan

Ann founded Accublends LLC and Premalux LLC in 2011 when the opportunity presented itself to create a woman-owned business that could bring about change to the industrial cleaning sector. With over 20 years of experience in researching and implementing business development strategies at international lighting company, Technical Consumer Products. As well as owning and overseeing a large equine boarding facility, farming acreage and additional properties. Her experience with industrial manufacturing and agriculture, make her the ideal person to run a company whose mission is to provide a high-quality product that will help manufacturers to attain economic and environmental initiatives that no other product has been able to do before.

David HS.jpg
David Harkleroad
Plant Manager, Chief Engineer

For over 20 years David has worked around the world leading product development, quality engineering and manufacturing teams. In the past 10 years he has developed a broad understanding of surfactant chemistry and formulated over 100 products that are sold in various consumer and commercial cleaning markets. His education in chemical manufacturing and technical management coupled with global experiences in chemical manufacturing and consumer products makes him the ideal partner to bring your product to market.

Jinru HS.jpg
Jinru Bian Ph.D.
R&D Director, Chemist

Jinru is Accublend's on-staff chemist who has the ability to adjust formulas or develop new ones to suit our customer's needs. His extensive background and experience goes beyond cleaners with 5 years in Enhance Oil Recovery at the Chinese Academy of Science in Beijing, 8 years in shaving prep and personal care products at Gilette, 10 years in CMP slurry fundamental and formulations at DOW Chemical Co., and 4 years in home cleaning products at Homax Group, Inc.

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