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Accublends Partners with Proguardeum to offer Sustainable Solutions for the future of Beyond Clean™

Accublends, LLC will produce a new expansive line of Proguardeum Optimum™, the most diverse, sustainable, and eco-friendly solutions to the marketplace

Accublends, LLC, a full service contract manufacturer of aqueous solutions, announces an exciting new partnership with Proguardeum, the leading provider of environmentally sustainable pharmaceutical-grade disinfectants and sanitizing solutions for hard and non-porous surfaces. Accublends continuously looks to align with like-minded businesses whose goals are to provide safer alternatives to the more caustic products currently offered on the market. So, when the opportunity to partner with Proguardeum was presented, it made sense. "Our goals are similar - to manufacture products that are safer and environmentally responsible," said Accublends CEO Ann Fisher-Yan.

The ongoing pandemic and emergence of new strains of the novel coronavirus have created an unprecedented demand for sustainable indoor hygiene protocols that improve people's ability to interact together in indoor spaces. Many of the disinfectant and hygiene products used today, however, contain harmful chemical additives that can irritate a person's skin, as well as pose a danger to surrounding electronics. This poses not only a health risk to individuals, but also an environmental one.

Through its partnership with Proguardeum, Accublends is excited to produce the Company's Optimum™ solution as a sustainable alternative to harsh industrial chemicals, with a line of safe, nontoxic, biodegradable products that deliver power, performance, and safety to all industries including schools, hospitals, airports, fitness facilities, and restaurants.

Proguardeum's Optimum™ solution disinfectant and sanitizer are composed of a super oxidizing biocidal agent, Hypochlorous (HOCI). It is non-flammable, non-toxic, non-alcoholic, and non-irritant. With the special formula made of pH neutral HOCI, Optimum™ is not only highly efficient to eradicate biofilm, but also gentle on the skin and on surfaces. The dry mist application provides efficient coverage for hard to reach areas and safe to treat on electronic equipment.

"Many of the common disinfectant and hygiene products contain harmful chemical additives that can irritate the skin. However, these damage not only our own health, but the environment," says Troy Rackley, CEO & Co-Founder of Proguardeum. "Since our brands are synonymous with innovation, our collective partnership represents a great step forward in advancing science and technology to the next level."


Accublends, LLC, a woman-owned small business located in Aurora, Ohio, offers full-service toll blending, contract manufacturing, and private labeling. Although the company has the ability to manufacture a variety of products for their clients, they specialize in industrial strength, aqueous, non-toxic, non-hazardous, and biodegradable cleaners that are safer on people, the surface being cleaned, and the environment.


Proguardeum Inc. is a privately held company that develops and markets proprietary, synergistic products for a holistic approach to protect all indoor environments. All of the company's products and services are marketed and sold under the program brand name, Beyond Clean™. The company's Optimum™ solutions are safe, non-toxic, and completely green formulation are highly effective to its target markets. Optimum™ solutions are EPA N-List registered as a hard-surface disinfectant for hospital-level use, FDA approved for daily sanitation, and approved for use as a biocide in oil and gas drilling. To learn more visit

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