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The precise computer-controlled handling of your chemical specifications gives you +/- 0.5% resolution per raw material add in a 5,000 gallon batch. That's 10x better than the standard +/- 5% accuracy most suppliers now offer, meaning less raw material waste. This translates into more savings per batch and lowers your overall costs. The efficiency of the system saves time, reduces waste and improves quality.

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The inline filling system provides precise control of fill weights. It offers speeds comparable to a rotary filling system, without the additional expenses of tooling for multiple bottle sizes. Over sixty 8 oz. bottles can be filled per minute which means lower costs per bottle and faster through-put. Every bottle is consistently filled to an exact level.

Our system can go from filling 8 oz. bottles to 5,000 gallon tankers. Capacities range from 750 to 5,000 gallons per batch.

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